Everything begins with the first step

Starting writing my blog? How am I to begin my first post. I asked myself. Am I capable of writing?” I wondered. “Can I provide value to others?” “Hmmm… Perhaps a bit.”, I concluded. So, I spent some time thinking. Ideas, Ideas. I started my blog to share my passion for travel and my inspiration. Going deeper, not wider, makes for better writing.

The first step

The interesting point is that it doesn’t matter how you start. You will have an exciting journey, as long as you keep going and learning how to apply your perception. The first step matters because you decide which path to go and how to set the speed. You choose the direction of your journey also your emotional conditions. If it is an easy, enjoyable, or fulfilling step, you will be excited and motivated to continue. If it is difficult, you can sabotage yourself from taking the next one. Your conditions do matter, and it makes sense to choose them wisely.

In life

Same with goals, tasks, and actions. Everything that requires that you take the first step. You have to take the initiative and act. Life’s most significant accomplishments start with the first step. One small action rooted in courage and faith.
You need to take the first step, and then the other steps would follow.

Do you want to be fit and sexy? You have to take exercise and diet.
Do you want to own a business? You need to take the proper steps.
Do you want to change a particular habit? You have to take action.
Do you want to be rich? You have to start making plans and carry them out.
Do you need a job? You have to start looking for it.

Waiting, and doing nothing, will not create success and would not help you achieve your goals, tasks, or chores. You need to act. You need to move toward your goal and not wait for the right time, the right circumstances, or the right mood.

Sometimes, laziness and inner resistance prevent you from taking the first step. It would help if you started carrying out what you want or need to do. The first step is always important.

Once you make the first step, you gain confidence, and your motivation to succeed would grow. It would then be more comfortable to overcome laziness and inner resistance.

Take that first step knowing that once you do, the next one will become clear.

When you start doubting your journey or feeling the courage drain out of you, remember this: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the entire staircase.” – Martin Luther King. It says that you should take the first step, with the faith that the rest of the staircase is there, and that you will be able to get to your destination if you can manage to keep taking step after step.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you create time to take that first step to let yourself fully bloom.

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