Explore the Spectacular Natural Wonders of Puerto Princesa Palawan

It’s been a while since I traveled on my birthday. I have focused on our investment for two years and celebrated my birthday in our place. I have been more grateful this year since I had a chance to travel outside Luzon. We explore the spectacular natural wonders of Puerto Princesa Palawan. We stayed in Costa Palawan Resort since this resort has a seaside view and a relaxing place.

On our day 1, we schedule the Honda Bay Island Hopping. Only a few tourists now are going to Honda Bay since they are going to El Nido since El Nido island hopping is more captivating.

Honda Bay Island has three islands where tourists are allowed to go. 

Starfish Island

-First is Starfish island, where you can see Starfish by the seashore and fine sands, and the sun is almost out. 

Luli Island

The second island is Luli Island, which got its name from Lulubog Lilitaw Island. During high tide, this little island submerges, and during low tide, it reappears on the sandy shore. Luli Island has three perfect sand bars for walking and taking great pictures.

Cowrie Island

Cowrie Island is the third island and the land island in Honda Bay. The island was called after the marine mollusk with a smooth, polished lining and a straight and thin gap. Cowrie is ideal and wants to take a trip; hence, it is part of the island hopping tour packages offered on Honda Bay with families or groups.

City Tour

Our second day in Puerto Princesa is scheduled for a City Tour starting at 2 pm. The City Tour includes Paramos, Crocodile Farm, Baywalk, Immaculate Cathedral, Bakers Hill, and Mitras Ranch.

The main attraction of the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is its crocodile farm. Here you will find one of Palawan’s giant crocodiles.

Baker’s Hill is a popular tourist attraction for its restaurant and garden, and Mitra Ranch is a well-known tourist destination in the town. Situated on a hill in Sta Monica Heights, it offers a magnificent view of the port of Puerto Princesa. There is an observation deck there that’s open to the public wanting to spend some time taking in the sights.

On the third day of our trip, we went to the Puerto Princesa Underground River. They also included on a tour part of the Community Project in Puerto Princesa called Ugong Rock Adventures—a destination for exciting activities like caving, spelunking, and ziplining.

Ugong Rock Adventures

Tourists frequent Sabang Mangrove Forest because of the boat tours available there. Boat tours are educational and provide a look at the forests and wildlife of the park.

I have learned coming here to these Palawan Community Projects that the livelihood depends on the tourist who comes here. Additionally, you can see it on the footprint left by Typhoon Odette, which destroyed the forest. Also, the pandemic has shown us that humankind must cease careless abuse of our environment and natural heritage. Some plants and creatures died, which drastically changed the ecological system. It can impact the entire ecosystem.

Help preserve mother nature and help the Philippine economy by revitalizing the tourism industry in Palawan.

In conclusion, I recommend Tripido Michael Yao Travel Tourr, the tour agency we chose. They were pleasant and straightforward on our tour, and the trip was well-run. 🙂

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