Harness the Power of Manifestation

Way back, I always traveled to unwind from my work. I have already visited many places, and each one offered me new experiences that broadened my perspective. Someone asked me what traveling made my life happy and if I invested my entire life just in traveling. I responded that traveling made me feel rewarded and was a great way to relax and calm my mind after a stressful week at work.

The year 2020 pandemic was indeed a game-changer in my life. With restricted activities and traveling, I was forced to slow down and take stock of my life. Thankfully, my partner and I had already invested in a place before the pandemic hit. I am incredibly thankful for the wisdom and knowledge he shared throughout this period. His advice has been invaluable as it helped me realize some important things about life that may have gone unnoticed.

I started to manifest my dream house by picturing what I wanted in my head. If you put your thoughts into action, you can make your dreams come true. If I work hard and stay positive, I believe anything is possible with the power of believing in myself and my dreams. When used correctly, a manifestation is a powerful tool to help us realize our goals, dreams, and ambitions. Manifestation is the power of positive thinking combined with action that allows us to create our desired life. Rather than just wishing for something, Manifestation works by taking responsible steps toward achieving what we want. The ability to manifest something into existence lies within each individual’s thought process and actions are taken to reach our goals. It’s essential to take responsibility for aligning our thoughts with our desired outcome to make it happen.

With this, we both worked hard throughout 2020, taking advantage of the pandemic to save since there were so many restrictions. Despite this, we hadn’t seen each other in person for almost a year until our condo was finally turned-over to us. It was an emotional moment as we were finally reunited after such a long period of separation. We were able to look back on all the work we had done together to make this dream a reality, and it made us realize how much stronger our bond had become over time. Once we received the turnover of our home in late December 2020, we began to contact a contractor to start construction. Thankfully, our constructor was my partner’s cousin, who proved very detailed in their work. Their design was minimalist, and we were thrilled with the outcome.

Now, our home is finished, and I can proudly share this story with others – a testament to the power of hard work and belief! I’m so happy to finally be able to share the pictures of my manifest dreams come true on my blog. It’s been a difficult and challenging journey, but I’m thankful that God has been behind us every step, giving us the courage and faith to make it happen.

2019 was incredible for us as we finally manifested our dream of visiting Pingxi Sky Lantern in Jiufen, Taiwan. It was a sight to behold; the sky lit up with hundreds of beautiful lanterns, each carrying the hopes and dreams of all those present. We could feel a sense of joy and positivity in the air that day, reminding us of the power of manifestation and the importance of dreaming big.

The power of Manifestation is always dependent upon our actions and willingness to make our dreams a reality. To those who have been struggling to reach their dreams, don’t lose hope and pray for the courage and strength to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Challenges come into our lives to make us stronger, so never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard things may seem. Life is full of challenges, and it can be hard to stay positive. However, these challenges are part of the journey toward manifesting our dreams into reality. We must not lose hope or faith in God even when faced with difficult times. Instead, we should strive to become stronger and more resilient through these difficult times. With determination and faith, nothing is impossible! 🙂

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