Time of Pandemic

The pandemic initially had me feeling trapped up. I knew that I had to adjust and even to stay productive. My parents and I stayed indoor for 2 months. Lockdown has been a chance to slow down, take better care of myself, and better connect with people, as well on my family.

As my travel has changed, the pandemic allowed me to finish the content articles I never finished and to focus on some new skills. Being at home shouldn’t limit yourself to feel good. You can do many things such as cooking, reading, playing musical instruments, watching movies/series, and relaxing at home.

The world is changing, not just because of this pandemic as we are entering a brave new world of climate change and overpopulation. This pandemic should remind us as being a responsible person that we need to present in the world, both positive and negative, in impacting this brave new world for the better.

By every measure and every level, the pandemic has affected many lives. With so many uncertainties looming ahead and while the world resets itself, it made me reflect on the present.

I can’t wait to go somewhere new, sit outside, and enjoy a leisurely sunny afternoon without worrying about getting fined for it. Something new and refreshing. Praying to be better soon so we can enjoy the outdoors.

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