Autumn Season, The Beauty of Change

Autumn is my favorite season. The first time I experience this is in Seoul, South Korea, last 2017. I was thrilled to see the first time the autumn leaves, color, and shades has been colorful. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for a grand finale. The colors of the leaves, although breathtaking, are ending their life cycle to make room for what is to come. Admit it or not, we are a bit ambivalent regarding the change. We are complacent for some things we’d like to stay the same. Autumn shows us the beauty of change, let the dried, damaged things go away. And greet the lovely blossoms on the way. Just like the season, people can change. No matter what, we don’t always get to choose what change is, and that’s not easy.

As our lives mirror on this season, coping with unwanted changes can prove a bit difficult. Keeping an open mind and hope in knowing new experiences are at hand, can help to maintain a positive outlook on inevitable change. When we hold on to things longer than we should, we hinder the progress of getting to where we need to be.

Whatever changes are calling you, honor them. Look beyond the challenge of change and embrace its beauty. You never know what’s on the other side. Trust it to be better. Use this chance to move forward, out of the now and into the new.

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