Masasa Beach Batangas Getaway

Masasa Beach Batangas Getaway

Are you looking for a budget-friendly beach getaway to relax, and refresh the stress from work?
I would suggest Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas. Batangas is just 3-4 hrs away from Manila. Masasa beach has crystal water and also fine sand, something that beach lovers like me catch attention to travel.

How to get to Masasa Beach
1. Take a bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal. The bus terminal is located in Cubao, Buendia, and Alabang. (For our trip, we chose the Cubao Terminal since they have the earliest bus schedule going to Batangas.
Travel time: 1.5 – 2 hours).
a. Alps in Cubao – Fare is around Php160 to Php170.
b. DLTB in Buendia – Fare is around Php160 to Php170
c. Jam Liner in Cubao – Fare is around Php160 to Php170

2. From Batangas Grand Terminal, Ride a jeep going to Mabini.
Take note: ( Hindi po aalis yung jeep hanggang hindi puno)
The driver will drop off in Talaga Port / Anila Port. Travel time is 45mins- 1 hr. The fare is Php40.

3. From the Port, there’s a line for paying the environmental fee. Cost is Php50 and PHP30. Ride a boat going to Tingloy Island. Travel time: 30-45 mins, boat fare – Php80).

NOTE: Boat Schedule:
Fist boat trip leaves at 9 AM, last trip at 4 PM.

Where to Stay in Masasa Beach
There are a lot of transient houses offered in Masasa. I suggest that the best transient is within walking distance of the beach. I would recommend Dorothy Del Mar Home. Walking distance to the beach, 5 mins walked through the beach. Experiencing walking in the rice field when everything seems greener! Signs of freshness & safety.

Nanay Dorothy is the owner of the transient house with her husband, Tatay Mario. They’re very accommodating and thoughtful to their guest, to feel the transient like your own home. They will also be offered and organize island hopping for their guests who want to explore the beauty of Tingloy. This is a private boat for snorkeling and island hopping, less hassle for those who want water activities.

Here’s the cost breakdown of our DIY trip.
Rate: 4 bedrooms good for 8 people- Php1000 (barkada room)
One couple room Php1000
Contact no: Nanay Dorothy: 09205620579, her daughter Dianne 09268738862

For the Food: I would suggest buying the food at the port and experiencing cooking on the island. Most transient homes offered free use of gas stoves, kitchenware, and utensils.

Expenses/ Breakdown
165- Bus to Grand Terminal
40- Mabini to Anilao port
80 – boat fare to Tingloy Port
80 – Environmental fee
60 – Tricycle going to our Masasa Transient
1000 – transient house
1500 – Island hopping (including snorkeling)

Hope this will help with your planned getaway. 🙂

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