Quiet Life is a Happy Life

I’m a person who wants a quiet life. I write this blog from personal experiences, things I’ve been through, something I am learning, things I still need to know. I write hoping that someone will be going through the same things, and maybe just maybe, my words will inspire them. Sometimes though, I write this blog as a note to myself, tell myself what I need to hear, and help others is a bonus plan!

We find ourselves being so busy nowadays. The feeling of busyness has consumed our life to the point where we are yearning for a simple life, a quiet life.

It’s easy to get distracted by all of the noise surrounding us and an endless list of demands pulling us in different directions.

A quiet life can be defined as living with simplicity and living with less. 

A quiet life means:

1. Keeping a small and close circle of friends

Filtering out who is important to you and the role a person plays in your life. 

2. Avoid being involved in other people’s problems.

Try not to get involved in unnecessary drama and try not to take other people’s problems on as your own. 

3. Not overthinking things

A calm mind is a quiet mind. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our thoughts, but try not to be consumed by them. 

Why do you want to live a quiet life? Make a list of reasons why a calm life is appealing to you.

4. Filter Out Your Distractions 

Distractions have the power to prevent us from focusing on what matters. 

We live in a world consumed by technology, demands, and options- it doesn’t take much to lose focus on the task at hand.  🙂

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