How to Choose an Interesting Hobby

It would be interesting to share how my hobby started and inspire you even today. During my spare time, I usually blog and practice calligraphy.
I started blogging in 2018, sharing my travel experiences, food trips, and daily inspiration. This hobby allows me to write from my personal experiences, things I’ve been through, something I am learning, things I still need to know. I write in hopes that someone, somewhere, will be going through the same things, and maybe just maybe, my words will inspire them. Sometimes though, I write a blog as a note to myself, to tell myself what I need to hear and if it helps others is a bonus plan 😊

Blogging/writing is an art because expressing your thoughts in words is never easy. Plus, it helps you further develop your hobby and helps in sharing your knowledge and experience with another interested in the same topic. However, some people may consider blogging useless due to the adverse outcomes of staying hooked onto the laptops for hours all day only blogging. Putting this hobby to use and training yourself in the skill that’s grown very important in modern life is communication. 😊

I started my calligraphy journey this year, 2022. This hobby for me is the practice of creating elegant art letters on the page. I found this hobby as my relaxation for my spare time too.
I was challenged on my first time starting this since I’m left-handed. I need to practice the basic strokes lettering techniques. I need to practice and learn more calligraphy during my pastime. Calligraphy may consider a relaxation hobby.

Is any hobby a good thing or just useless? If it’s something you enjoy, go for it!

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