Who I Am & What I Do

Hi! I’m Nica Remigio, I worked as an IT professional. My blog is all about my travels, food trip, and daily inspiration. I explore often, you will know how small you are, and big the world is.

Why do I Travel?
Well, it because it takes a good look at God’s wonders, and they will take your breath away. I wanted to see the majestic and breathtaking creation. A creation that mesmerizes my sight and gives me experience on how beautiful life is. I started traveling after I graduated from college since I started working in the year 2012. I already have money for the expenses I needed to travel.

I am happy beyond blessed for all the places I’ve been, from all the good or bad things that happened to me during my travel and from all the knowledge I acquired from every travel I had.

I travel to exhale all the negativities, those negativities that could ruin the way I think.

I travel to see beautiful sceneries that could enhance positivity in life.

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